Acta Universitatis Lodziensis

Folia historica

– The participation of women in the Spanish conquests in Central and South America in the 16th century

– Epigraphy in Małogoszcz from the 16th to 18th centuries

– The agreement in Janowiec in October 1606 in two political writings

– Cooperation of Polish armed forces during first part of hostilities of Cudnovian campaign

– Tykocin’s almshouse for veterans in 17th century – social and military functions

– Music Vienna of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1781–1791)

– Jerzy Żuławski and his undertakings performed in Lodz in October 1914

  • Jakub Pietkiewicz „Mały Dziennik” jako przedsięwzięcie medialne. Geneza i zarys charakterystyki czasopisma

– „Mały Dziennik” as the Publishing Venture. The Genesis and the Outline of the Newspaper’s Profile

– Assignment to Berlin – American correspondents working conditions in Germany in 1939–1941

– Catholic clergy attitudes towards communist system in Lodz Voivodeship from 1944 to 1956. Outline of the problem

– Social-political situation within the period of building the Berlin Wall according to Polish press releases

Robert Mugabe Government towards the policy of the United States of America in Southern Africa (1980–1987)