Acta Universitatis Lodziensis

Folia historica

– How long Judaism was seen as superstitio in the pagan Roman Empire – 19

– Überprüfung des Verleihungsdatums des Staatsrechts Orla – 27

– Tolerance and fanaticism of the Polish nobility at the beginning of the Enlightenment – 48

– The regional councils of February 1792 in reports „Gazeta Narodowa i Obca” and „Gazeta Warszawska” – 63

– Green areas in Łódź in the shadow of the Great War – 81

– Internment and the process of the legion troops in 1918 – in the memoris of Father Colonel Josepha Panasia – chaplain of the Second Brigade of the Polish Legions – 105

– Alexandra Kollontai’s activity in the light of Swedish magazine „Dalpilen. Tidning för Falu län och stad” (1915–1926) – 118

– Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936 in the eyes of Americans who came to Germany – 135

– The question of Hungarian minority in Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia in the interwar period in the periodical „Sprawy Narodowościowe” („Nationality Questions”) 1927–1939 –162

– „Kisses for Mr. Salazar” – a profile of the Portuguese dictator António Oliveira Salazar in the children’s and teenagers’ letters addressed to him (1929–1968). Review of archival materials – 171

–Polish party outposts in the USA in 1945–1989. The analysis in the context of Polish Worker’s Party files – 183

– The population of the Rembieszyce Parish after World War II in the light of parish register – 204