Acta Universitatis Lodziensis

Folia historica

– A French witch or an English reformer? – perception of Anne Boleyn over the ages basing on the selected sources

– The second part of rebellion of Zebrzydowski (X 1606 – VI 1608) in propaganda leaflet

– The war between Poland and Sweden in 1626-1629  according to the hetman’s Stanislaus Koniecpolski writings

– Charles Vane and the Golden Age of Piracy

– Queen widow and „successor to the throne”. Relationship of Marie Casimire Sobieska with Jacob Sobieski in Saxon times

Opinions about the need for and extent of female education prevailing during the second half of the 19th century and in the early 20th century

– Nałęczów in spa guides on the turn of the 19th century

– Legitimate Jewish trade unions in the Polish Kingdom (1906–1914)

– The Problem of Irish Easter Uprising in the British House of Commons’ Forum

Association of Jewish Christians in Poland and charitable activities of Anglicans in interwar Poland

– The President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s „New Deal” in the eyes of Wiktor Podoski

– Characteristics of the problems of culture in the thirties on the basis of journalism from „Pion” (1933–1939)

– Doctor Herta Oberheuser and her medical work in relation of testimony given by witnesses and experiments victims in Ravensbrück concentration camp

Experience in teachers’ narratives – imperative in forming of mature identity